6 Ways To Differentiate Your Legal Services

6 Ways To Differentiate Your Legal ServicesOne of the key issues you will face when converting prospects to clients is convincing them why they should choose you over similar lawyers. Here are 6 ways to set yourself apart.

  1. Have a compelling marketing message – Make your marketing message simple and jargon-free so that a fifth grader could understand it. Don’t assume people understand legal vocabulary or need a complex explanation. They don’t have the time or attention span to decipher what you say. They are overwhelmed with information and filter out anything that might seem irrelevant to them or overly complicated.
  2. Promote your knowledge and expertise – Provide education-based marketing materials that demonstrate your extensive experience and knowledge working with clients just like them. This positions you as a trusted advisor rather than a salesman who is pitching his services for a quick buck. Services are commodities that plenty of other lawyers provide. Only you have your specific knowledge, expertise and experience which is what makes you unique.
  3. Specialize in a niche practice area – Which areas of law can you be the best at? Which do you enjoy? Which do you already have an extensive client base? Those are the areas you should cultivate and specialize in. This way, you can establish yourself as an authority rather than a jack-of-all-trades.
  4. Explain your uniqueness – Prospects don’t hire you because you are just like all the other lawyers out there. They hire you because you are different. What is it that makes you unique, different, or special? What are your strengths? Maybe you are more experienced, more skilled, friendlier, or something else that matters to your prospects. Identify those points of differentiation and emphasize them in your marketing materials.
  5. Answer objections before they come up – What questions do prospects usually ask you? Write them down and answer them in your marketing materials. By providing complete answers in writing, you will save yourself time by not having to repeat yourself when you meet with prospects. You will also make prospects feel more comfortable about working with you because they have more information.
  6. Provide educational materials – Most law firms rely on a glossy practice brochure that talks about the history of the firm, their philosophy and their main practice areas. Most times, these brochures end up in the trash. Why? Because they are boring. Prospects want to read about themselves and their problems, not the hundred year history of your firm. What can you do for them? Educate them by providing free (or low cost) booklets, newsletters, or seminars that dig deeper into their problems and offer potential solutions.

By using education-based marketing materials to inform prospects of the value of your services, the problems you solve and potential solutions you recommend, you can weed out low-value inquiries from genuine prospects. Your marketing materials should help you attract the right clients, and that means weeding out genuine prospects from those who aren’t serious.