Free Law Firm Marketing Plan for Solo Attorneys & Small Law Practices


This FREE 45-page Law Firm Marketing Plan Guide, written for solo lawyers and small law firms, will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your law marketing strategy.

Most attorneys don’t have a marketing plan for their law practice.

  • They think they don’t have the time to sit down and hammer out a complicated blueprint for growing their law firm’s revenues and clientele…
  • Or maybe they don’t know where to start…
  • Or feel there are too many variables to predict what they should be doing 6 months or a year from now…

The good news is – you don’t need all of that for an effective marketing plan. In fact, you primarily only need 3 elements:

  • Annual goals you’d like to hit
  • A monthly blueprint of marketing activities you will do
  • Scheduled daily actions you will take to accomplish those marketing activities

Effective law firm marketing plans are written for the short term. You plan the marketing activities you want to do and can commit to doing week to week and month to month. Our free Law Firm Marketing Plan Guide will show you how.


Get This Free Law Firm Marketing Plan Guide Today and Discover:

  • The 9 core principles of a lucrative law firm marketing plan
  • How to identify the most profitable legal specialization(s) for your law practice
  • How to create a unique marketing message that sets you apart from other attorneys and explains why clients should hire you
  • An easy step-by-step marketing approach to capturing prospects’ attention and getting them to call you
  • How to build and follow up with your in-house prospect database
  • Easy ways to generate new clients from referrals
  • And more…

Our Law Firm Marketing Plan Guide offers you a simple, fill-in-the-blanks guide to tackling the most important parts of your law firm marketing strategy in just an hour or two.


This Law Firm Marketing Plan Guide Is For You If…

  • You have just opened their own law practice and aren’t sure how to get your first clients.

  • You have practiced law for a few years but don’t have a systematic marketing program in place to bring in clients consistently. You realize it’s now time to get this part of the business handled.

  • You feel you’ve wasted thousands of dollars on useless marketing and advertising that haven’t brought in new clients. You know you have to market your legal services but aren’t sure what will work for your law practice.

  • You believe marketing and sales can be manipulative or unethical but know you need to get clients somehow. You’d like a professional way to build your practice without begging for clients or using manipulative sales techniques.

Whether you’ve just hung out your shingle, or you’ve been practicing law for a few years, this Law Firm Marketing Plan is designed to help you get out your calendar and pencil in the exact marketing activities you will do daily and weekly for the next month to attract new clients.

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