Your Lawyer Marketing Plan Should Address These 3 Groups

Your Lawyer Marketing Plan Should Address These 3 GroupsYour lawyer marketing plan is more than just advertising your services. It should include the actions you will take to inform others about what you do and prove to them that you can do what you say you can. When you create your law firm marketing plan, think of how you can reach these three types of people:


What types of clients do you want to attract? Given what you know about these clients, what is the best way to reach them? Do they read specific magazines, newspapers, or trade publications? If so, try advertising in those publications. Are they part of the same industry? If so, attend seminars, trade shows, and events where you have the greatest likelihood of meeting them. Do they search the web for information? If so, create an informative website with articles and free reports that address their top concerns.

Keep in mind that one contact is rarely enough to convince someone to hire you. How might you follow up with them to keep in touch? Can you add them to your newsletter, invite them to an educational seminar, or send them additional information?


Your current clients offer a wealth of opportunities for repeat business and referrals. Since they’re already doing business with you, they probably already know and like you. As their lawyer, it’s your fiduciary duty to provide the best service you can to your clients. That means getting to know who they are, what they do, and what motivates them. Often, as you learn more about your clients, you will see other potential legal risks and can offer additional services to further aid your client.

Also know that happy clients will sing your praises and refer others to you, especially if they believe you truly care about their well-being. In what ways can you educate your current client about the types of clients and cases you’d like more of? In what ways can you show your appreciation for referrals they give you?

Referral Partners

Many lawyers generate most of their business through referrals, yet this is often where they spend the least amount of their marketing budget. Look back over your firm’s history. Who is responsible for sending you referrals? How can you give back to them and show your appreciation?

The second part of this lawyer marketing strategy involves identifying possible sources of referrals and working to build relationships with others. When you get a new client, what other firms can also do business with them? When you get a prospect who needs a different type of legal services than you provide, to whom can you refer them? How can you cultivate relationships between non-competing firms that will benefit each of you?